3rd read for 2015!! The content is very practical 😁😁😁 Throughout reading the book, keep on getting my “OUCH” moment!! I can so relate to this!! Especially the mistakes that most part time businesswoman or businessman did.

Muka Belakang Buku Bekerja & Berniaga

Muka Tepi Buku Bekerja & Berniaga

Teaser Buku Bekerja & Berniaga

Important Fact:
Do not mix your business modal or capital with your personal money or salary.

Before venturing or making decision on any business please LEARN! Don’t do something just because the other person is doing it.

After reading this, the writer makes me want to be better! So good luck to me!! Good read indeed!

As J.K Rowling said “I believe something magical will happen if you read a good book”