‘We become the books we read’- Matthew Kelly

My 18th read for this year!!

If you have been following my reads journey, you will notice that previously I have shared with you my review on Mudahnya Menjemput Rezeki(MMR) and Allah Tempat Meminta (ATM).

Muka Belakang Keajaiban Allah Tempat MemintaMuka Hadapan Keajaiban Allah Tempat Meminta

And this one is a sequence from those two books 😊😊😊😊

And the writer is not Fathuri Salehuddin. However the publisher is under MMR Network.

Shall we start with the review?

Started off reading this book on 3rd October 2015 and just finished reading it today.

What I like about this book are:
👉holistic practice which included
1. Intention
2. Self preparation
3. Interpretation preparation
4. Zikir and Meditation
5. The miracle of Iman
6. Muamalat (set of rules related to wordly matters such as business/trading/commerce transactions/lending and borrowing contracts)
👉if you read carefully the tips given for every aspect of these holistic practice, it helps a lot in your goal achievement
👉there are true short stories too about The Miracle of asking from Allah
👉challenge you to teach your soul within 40 days using all the holistic practice
👉different from the previous version, this book concentrated more on self reflecting and perspective

Close up Keajaiban Allah Tempat Meminta

What I don’t really prefer in this book is the typo error. I would suggest proof reading before publishing.

Other than that, this book is very useful. And yes it is a book to feed the soul.

Out of 5 I will rate this book at 3.5 stars.

Teaser Keajaiban Allah Tempat Meminta

I still find that the first two books before this which is MMR and ATM has biggest impact on me.

I would recommend this book to those who have yet to read Mudahnya Menjemput Rezeki or Allah Tempat Meminta.

Happy reading everyone.

P/S can’t wait to grab another book. Hopefully one book a week ya.


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